Harvest Festival – Types and Shadows

The Bible is the most astonishing book on the planet. The intricacies, hints, patterns and themes woven through it would take many life times to discover, from the vast expanse of time it… Continue reading

Growing Up

This is analogy related to free will and sovereignty, and as such I wanted to include it in the context of my recent post, but as it is not directly from scripture I… Continue reading

Free Will vs. Sovereignty

After a bit of to and fro with the amiable Rev. Brazier on Twitter, we decided to give ourselves a bit more room (a blog post each) to explore a very important issue:… Continue reading

All you need is love?

“There is nothing you can do to make God love you less, and there is nothing you can do to make God love you more!” How often have you heard this said? It's… Continue reading

Sansaire has landed.

Foodie fad or the future of cooking?

Holy hilarious

“Not shepherds?! Well, you can’t mean me Ezekiel! See the crook?”

Porn: What’s the Harm?

Anyone who's glimpsed at other posts on this blog will be able to tell I'm no fan of pornography. So I was pleased to see a BBC documentary about children's exposure to pornography;… Continue reading

Dis-establishment: what does equality look like?

In my last post I described why I think that marriage without God is so often intellectually dishonest. But that doesn't change the fact that it happens, so how do we go about… Continue reading

When marriage is based on a lie

My wife loves to remind me that our relationship is based on a lie. Specifically, I offered a ridiculous and entirely fabricated reason as to why I would be passing close to her… Continue reading

Environmentalism in all directions

Recently I saw this article by Andy Flannagan. It's a great piece, and I like it precisely for the reason that I don't like many handwringing feel-good (or feel-bad) articles: He gives practical… Continue reading