Sunday, bl**dy Sunday

Another handwringing article emerges about the evils of Mammon-worship and how this directly equates to what is an inevitability in modern Britain: a change to shop opening times on a Sunday. I wish… Continue reading

Keema tortilla

It’s been a while since I posted anything at all on this blog, and even longer since there was a decent food-related post. This dish has become a recent favourite in our house due… Continue reading

The victorious gospel: Good news for creation, bad news for Christians

Universal restoration may do away with traditional notions of hell, but it is not wishful thinking, and it is not a coward’s route out of damnation.

Atheist Comedian Gets It Right

Here is an interview with my favourite public atheist Tim Minchin. By favourite, I mean least obnoxious and most entertaining. He seems to realise that bilious verbal attacks and endless sarcasm do nothing… Continue reading

Taking it literally

The more you look at it, the more absurd the notion of “taking the Bible literally” becomes. It cannot be done, and even using the phrase immediately reveals one’s ignorance. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be taken seriously!

The Kingdom of God… by force

One of the classic lessons of Christianity, a Sunday school staple, is the contrast between the exuberant welcoming of Jesus into Jerusalem as a long-awaited messiah king, and the contempt and cruelty he… Continue reading

How Pharaoh bought all of Egypt

In this story we have a glimpse of how all will be drawn to Christ and owned by God.

Diet of Worms

Gehenna will eventually serve it’s purpose in bringing righteousness to all of God’s creation.

Harvest Festival

How insane would it be if after the small early harvest, the Hebrew people simply forgot about or burned the biggest harvest of the year?

Growing Up

“Sorry about that, it was my two year old and I see he hasn’t cleared it up yet. All I can suggest is that you bill him for the dry cleaning.”