All you need is love

You are supposed to agapaó-love terrorists and predatory paedophiles. Are you going to send them fruit baskets? Give them a big hug, kiss and a backrub?


Holy hilarious

“Not shepherds?! Well, you can’t mean me Ezekiel! See the crook?”

How to be Free

Your house in the country is ransacked and defaecated in by someone looking to fund their next bag of heroin, and you’re going to return and proclaim “three cheers for such a free-spirited individual!”? I think not.

New Creation (an apology)

Sometimes, a church sermon really blindsides you. Earlier in the week, I was feeling very angry, and the object of my anger was Giles Fraser. He had written this piece for The Guardian… Continue reading

Sunday Assembly – where are the weirdos?

We have introverts and extroverts, the rich and the poor, the vigorous and the frail. We have the stable and the unhinged. We have the guy with the crazy staring eyes… We have the guy who really smells, and has just unloaded the full plate of biscuits into his greasy jacket pocket, but no one says anything because he looks hard as nails.

Them dry bones

Whatever I did with them, it was going to take more tools than I had at my disposal. Cue a trip to Clas Ohlson for a hacksaw. The label clearly stated the saw was suitable for metal and wood, but was less clear about bone. I thought it best not to ask.

Bell Curve

Poor old Hitler finally has someone judged to be nearly as demonically evil as him to share his lonely circle of hell, perhaps along with Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot (at least they can play Boppit now, but wait – this is hell – the batteries are missing).


Anyone who has actually met a child knows how curious they really are. Curiosity and questions are far more a child-like trait than an adult one, and those who seem to stay happy and “young at heart” are usually those who have managed to incorporate curiosity, adventure and play into their grown-up lives.

The Art of Misdirection

Have you ever heard this conversation? “I love Robbie Williams.” “He’s an arrogant idiot.” “Well…” “And he’s plug ugly.” “Hmm, but…” “And he can’t sing.” “I know… the thing is, well… I mean,… Continue reading

The Wonders of the Impassive Universe

Katherine and I watched an episode of her new favourite programme last night. I love that she’s so fascinated by the cosmos (and it’s certainly nothing to do with ex-popstar Prof Cox, his… Continue reading