Lovely Bones, hard choices

My wife and I watched “The Lovely Bones” a few days ago. I’ll admit here to being a philistine: I never read the book. On screen, it was tense and thought-provoking if a little… Continue reading

Away in a manger…

How’s your Christmas Eve going? I’ve finished the last bits of Christmas shopping and have a little time before my set of seasonal nightshifts in A&E so I thought I’d share some Christmas knowledge, gleaned… Continue reading

Free will and fairies

At the suggestion of a friend, I recently listened to the Blair vs. Hitchens debate. Jimmy concluded that Hitchens was the more eloquent but Blair had the better points. Listen to it for… Continue reading

The Good Man Jesus…

In a recent G2 article, a slightly miserable looking Philip Pullman (who confesses that he has “that sort of face that doesn’t come out well in photographs”; I’m inclined to agree but at… Continue reading

Africa needs God, says atheist

Happy Easter! And welcome to the first post of my blog. Goodness knows whether it will ever come to anything! Anyway, I thought I’d kick off with something meaty. This article totally slipped… Continue reading